Here at Touch Global we are the proud supplier of a large and varied inventory of products. From our own brands such as Leopard and NRG, to our 3rd party suppliers, we have something to suit everyone’s needs.

Our first venture into the world of E-commerce was with our specialty Motorcycle products. Over the years we have made the Leopard brand into our most diverse and popular range that continues to perform.
Leopard Sabre

Continuing to be one of our largest brands, NRG Radiators come in a large variety of styles and sizes to suit any household. With hundreds of units sold and shipped weekly, the brand has impressed both tradesmen and homeowners alike.

Fulfilling customer needs for high quality, yet affordable garden furnishings is no easy feat. However our Green Bay product range has delivered time and again, making sure your garden is always equipped with the right gear for the Summer weather!

Heating your home is never as simple as it seems. Fortunately our Lincsfire range of stoves help remedy this issue by giving you a more homely method of keeping warm! Named after the English County where we are based, the Lincsfire brand has always brought the cosy village life to you.

Time to Sparkle is the place to go in preparation for the ‘Big Day’. Whether it’s a wedding, birthday party, or a company event, we have the right decorations to make the special occasion even more special!